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Design and Construction

Step 1

The first stage of creating your new Margin Constructions, development is by calling us on 9971 5003 to arrange for a project manager meeting you on site. We will discuss your general requirements for the development including number of bedrooms, size of the dwelling, type of construction special features and how best to utilise your block in accordance with your budget.

At Margin Constructions we strongly recommend that clients have a budget in mind. We feel this is extremely important as many questions arise particularly with cost this helps eliminate any unrealistic expectations & minimises the design process. Once lifestyle needs & budget expectations are established we will then put together a design brief for your perusal.

Step 2

If you wish to continue further we ask you to sign a preliminary agreement, which will include a deposit & we will provide the following services were required

  • Preliminaries
  • Inspect & investigate proposed land
  • Confirm correct & accurate owners details, postal address and address for land
  • Request a copy of title & approved plan of subdivision
  • Confirm if any site difficulties
  • Confirm sewer point location. – Or septic tank application
  • Confirm storm water discharge point.
  • Confirm if & what zonings apply to your parcel of land. If flood zoning then AHD levels are required.
  • Confirm if town planning is required if so then adhere to the requirement’s
  • Concept Design and specification
  • Confirm cross over location
  • Asses if termite area
  • Confirm if necessary a site visit to establish neighbouring property windows, setbacks and open areas

After completion of above Margin Constructions can supply a construction cost estimate

Step 3

Upon pursuing preliminaries we then make any minor changes required to the concept plan. We will ask you to sign a fee proposal contract which will require a deposit. This will grant us to complete the following were required.

  • Planning and administration services
  • Working drawings
  • Geotechnical engineer
  • Land surveyor
  • Structural engineer
  • Site levels
  • Confirm bush fire assessment
  • Asses neighbourhood character
  • Adhere to Town planning proposal requirements

Step 4

Building contract

This is a standard building industry contract, whereby you can include any additional information or requirements prior to commencement of the build. This ensures all details are correct and applied to the build.

  • Apply for Building permit
  • Obtain warranty insurance certificate

Step 5


Upon completion and approval on all relevant documents and approvals from authorities, we will begin your new luxury Margin Constructions home, extension or unit development. We will work together in making your vision become a reality.